Mon 2/26 – Midterm Status

Course Goals

The JMU General Education Council has set course goals for the new 300-level UNST classes, and they are as follows:

  1. Demonstrate advanced information literacy skills
  2. Communicate using both written and performance formats
  3. Engage with complex questions to achieve identified goals
  4. Apply multiple disciplinary perspectives to a contemporary problem

Discuss with your group: Which of these goals do you feel are being satisfied by this course and your project, and how? Which are not? Then let’s talk for a bit.

Group Updates

  • Quick updates from where you are

Blog Grades

  • Midterm documentation grades! These can be improved if you follow the recommendations in the notes

For Next Time

  • Complete a weekly blog post update that includes your project timeline and presentation pitch; see the Assignments page for details.


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