Wed 2/7 – Blog consultations

Quick Updates

  • Status reports from each group: What’s new since Wednesday?

Blog Post Consultations

  • I’ve added some notes about attribution, sharing, and social media to the Formatting Requirements page.
  • Oops, I think maybe excerpts need to be three lines to work correctly on the front page formatting.
  • Later I’m going to figure out how to get your Featured Images to appear on the summary pages for your projects, even though they no longer appear at the top of your posts. Remind me later…
  • Lifetime advice: If you’re into it, consider starting your own blog and/or sharing your work in an online community. It’s a good way to make a portfolio of your work , and it might even help get you a job someday…
  • Consulation time: I will walk around the room and consult with at least two people from each group about your current blog posts, and how to make them awesome.


Group Meetings

  • Work together, discuss, ask for help when you need it.
  • Print something!
  • Spend the last 15 minutes making plans for how to tackle the homework and progress before next class.

For Next Time

  • Your assignment for next time is once again PROGRESS. See the Assignments page for details of what you’ll be accountable for on Monday.

Photo from Kumail Hmani