Ghost Carpet Fractal

November 10, 2017 Hunter Simmons

This is a fractal because through each new level, the same thing is continuously done. In the case of my fractal, after each level each squares size is divided by 4, while also removing the the same points that would correspond in […]

Meissner Tetrahedron

October 3, 2017 Hunter Simmons

Our initial project idea is to create a Meissner tetrahedron. It involves taking a regular triangular tetrahedron, but then rounding all the parts to a precise point creates the Meissner Tetrahedron. What is really cool about this is that, although it is not like a circle containing zero edges […]

Vicsek Fractal

September 3, 2017 Hunter Simmons

My first Fractal that I would like to print is called the Vicsek Fractal. This fractal actually arose from the Sierpinski Carpet while also using the Hausdorff dimension. One reason as to why it is based off of the Sierpinski Carpet is because the initial […]


August 31, 2017 Hunter Simmons

Hey my name is Hunter Simmons and I am an accounting major. I am actually a local and live just outside of Harrisonburg in a town called Dayton. In my free time I enjoy playing pickup basketball, going to the gym, and also golfing. I […]