Phase 2-Demolition

During the pasting weeks, we tried to print some samples to see if we could attain inspiration from it. As we mentioned in the previous post, we want to use 3D printing to demonstrate the phases of moons. We did some research on the concepts of this topic. Then we used Tinkercad to actually design the product. During the process, we were struggling with making the correct connectors fit into our model. Because we couldn’t figure out a way to do this, the idea was ruled out due to the error.

After looking back on our progress these last few weeks, we noticed the difficulties of making something for education using 3D printing. As a group, we decided to focus on the geography area of 3D printing. Under the help of one of our classmate and Professor Taalman, we got help from  a fellow JMU faculty member Chrissy Rothgeb. She provided us with a lot of useful information.

The picture above is an example of one of the prints we would ideally want to print out.

Here is some websites might help us with collecting GIS data and convert them to be sure for 3D printing.

GeoNet – Convert Raster (DEM) to .STL for 3d Printing

Esri – Raster to TI  

EdutechWiki – 3D Printing of Digital Elevation Models

StackExchange – Convert DEM to STL (3D Print Format)

Instructables – 3D Printing Models of Landscapes (Topology, Mountain, etc.)

We are continually seeking more information and excited to have the opportunity to replicate the region around us with the technology available for us. Lastly, our team thinks that this will lead to an exceptional opportunity to teach, linking back to our original goal to help students of all ages in Harrisonburg!


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