Mon 2/19 – Halfway point

Quick Updates

  • Status reports from each group: How did the last five days go?
  • Any prints to start?


  • It’s the seventh week of the semester. Since the last couple weeks will be spent on presentations, this week is  about halfway through the working period for your project.
  • Please fill out the Seventh Week Survey
  • Google Doc plans
    • Create a section called “Project Timeline,” and outline your project plans for the rest of the semester. What are the milestones for your project?
    • Create a section called “Project Presentation,” and put together a pitch/proposal for your final project presentation.

Group Work

  • Work together, discuss, ask for help when you need it.
  • Print something!
  • Spend the last 15 minutes making plans for how to tackle the homework and progress before next class.

For Next Time

  • Your assignment for Wednesday is to write a blog post update and work on your timeline/presentation plans; see the Assignments page for details.
  • Fun fact: I didn’t grade your blog posts yet, so you can compare your posts to the Assignments and Formatting Requirements and do some sneaky updates by the end of the day if you want…

Cover image from Mark Gunther