Election Day!

Final Products

We have reached the point in the semester where we are closing everything out.  We have finalized our external presentation and will be giving our final presentation to our class in the coming days. The last few classes have been nothing but working on the final products and final presentation.

We have tried but failed to print the county level data for Virginia.  The images below are what the printer created after the print was started.

The red map above represents the Republican votes for the Trump vs. Clinton election and the blue map is the Democrat votes for the same election. The one lesson that we learned this semester is that 3D printing is nothing but trial and error. Once you think you have something made ready to send to a printer double check to make sure that everything is connected to something in the model that you have created.  Part of the problem that with our maps that we made above are that the shapes of the counties are not perfect shapes and have crazy edges. After longer consideration we realized that that models would have probably printed without error if we had a base underneath the shape of Virginia to help hold everything together.  The areas that messed up in the prints became unstable and that is why there is a mess of filament on the prints.

External Presentation

Our external presentation will be given to a class on campus that is geared towards future teachers.  After that presentation we will be finishing up the semester with our last presentation being to our class about what we learned throughout the course of the semester and how our presentation went to the other class. We had planned for a 15 to 20 minute presentation but we ended up going for 20 to 25 minutes.  The students of the classes ended up have really good questions about 3D printing in general and then how they, as teachers, would be able to use 3D printing in their classrooms.

We would like to thank Dr. Sandman for allowing us to present our semester work to her class and to the class of her for allowing us to come in and talk to them .

Theses are just a couple of picture from when we presented to our external audience.  We have a really good talk and the students of the class asked very good questions at the end of the presentation.

The above picture is our group giving our presentation to the class , (from left to right): Mark, Austin, Dylan, Josh
We were giving some of our models that we made to professor of the class that we presented to. From left to right: Austin, Mark, Dylan, Josh, Dr. Sandman

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