The Election is Near…

Current Progress

This week we have been/are trying to 3D print a county level map of Virginia based on the Trump vs Clinton election.  We have imported a .SVG file of Virginia into Autodesk Fusion 360.  We are currently using data from Politico that has county level data to extrude heights in the Fusion 360 Software.  In Fusion 360 we have to click on each county of Virginia in order to extrude the height.  In order to get the height that we need to extrude each county by we are adding up the votes of each county and replacing the comma with a decimal to make the values small enough to fit onto the build plate.

The image above is what we have been doing in Autodesk Fusion 360.  We have clicked on the counties that are currently gray and have extruded their height based on the voter turnout for the Trump vs. Clinton election.

Future Progress

In the coming weeks we will be finishing up with the semester.  We have planned our final presentation date for Monday April 23rd to another class on campus that is geared towards future teachers.  After that presentation we will be finishing up the semester with our last presentation being to our class about what we learned throughout the course of the semester and how our presentation went to the other class.