Maps, Money, and World Trade

The Past

Over the last week we have been working on trying to finalize our end of the semester presentation.  We have been in contact with a History professor at JMU that teaches a class entitled ISS 330: Maps, Money, and World Trade.  A link has been provided to get a more in depth explanation of what exactly the class is about.

We have been trying to get information on a county level of the recent Trump vs. Clinton that looks similar to the one below.  We have emailed the person that created this map t see if we could use the data as well but we have yet to here back from them. We tried to use the software that is listed in the bottom right corner of the image but you have to have an activation code in order to sign up to use it.  We believe that the software is a beta version right now so that is why they are limiting the accessibility of the software at the moment.

The history professor that we have been in contact with told us that she uses this map when she does her sections on maps in the course.  She got a lot of feedback from her students that they would live to have a physical copy of this map to help in their lessons when they become teachers.

The Future

With the semester winding down and only a couple more working weeks until the end of the semester we have a little bit more to do on the project before our final presentation.  Over the next couple week we will be finalizing our 3D prints and and working on our final presentation.  We will be in contact with the history professor to finalize the date of the presentation as well.