Mon 3/26 – Sharing


  • Quick updates from each group
  • What are your goals for this week?

Image Sizing

  • GraphicConverter 9 (free) – on 3SPACE computers
  • Target size is currently¬†1400 x 600 or 800 x 445; see Formatting Requirements
  • Key GraphicConverter tools and methods:
    • Picture/Size/Scale will scale the entire image up or down
    • Picture/Size/Canvas Size will crop or add border around an image
    • Selecting with the dotted rectangle and then pressing Command-Y will crop to rectangle
    • Selecting a region and then dragging it larger in one direction while holding down the Command key will smear/paint/expand the image in that direction
    • Image should look good as thumbnail on your main page as well as on the top of your post


  • Quick tour of and how things are shared on that site
  • Each group create a Thingiverse/MakerBot account, either for one person in the group or for the group itself
  • If you’ve created a model that you can share (possible exception: your own face):
    • Create/Upload a Thing from the top menu bar
    • Share your .stl file and any available program files
    • Include a photo of your printed object and drag it to be first in the carousel so it is the “cover image”
    • Write up a short description that includes a link to one of your blog posts, or to your group page
    • If your object is a Remix, check that box and use the tool to indicate the ancestor(s) of your model
    • Select desired Creative Commons licensing
    • Include category, tags, software used (scroll down to find this)
    • Add the tag JMU3SPACE
    • Publish!
  • If you’ve printed someone else’s model from Thingiverse:
    • Go to the Thingiverse page for that object
    • Select “I Made One” from the right menu block
    • Drag in a photo of your print
    • Write a short description of your print that includes a link back to one of your blog posts

For Next Time

Make progress, including finishing up presentation scheduling and seeking out consultancy appointments. See the Assignments page for details.