Wed 1/31 – Group Planning

Quick Updates

  • Status reports from each group: What’s new since Monday?

Picky WordPress Stuff

  • I’ll run through each group’s initial blog post and be super picky
  • Looking for featured image, full-size images, four-line excerpts
  • Picture cropping time: GraphicConverter to make 1400 x 600 aspect ratio (or minimum of 800 x 445) in “landscape” orientation
  • See Formatting Requirements page for more information

Group Meetings and Planning

  • Meet with your group and make progress…
  • I’ve decided *not* to link your Google Docs to the website, so you can use them freely as a safe space that only your group (and I) will see. You can include contact info or any notes you like. Please keep using this document for planning purposes.
  • Before the end of class, put a “Next Steps” section at the very top of your Google Doc and type in what you plan to do by Monday, and who has the lead on each thing.

For Next Time

  • Your assignment for next time is PROGRESS. See the Assignments page for details of what you’ll be accountable for on Monday.

Image from LowCountry