Wed 3/14 – Progress Push

Keep Going

We’ll be doing a “Progress Push” on all projects the rest of this week and through Monday. On Monday you will shift to writing up some documentation about this week of work, but for now just work on pushing forward and making plans. In particular:

  • If you have outside consultants you need to contact or follow up with, do that now
  • If you need to schedule a final presentation that involves outside people or resources, do that now
  • If your project needs to move up to the “next level”, figure out how to make that start happening now
  • If you can think of a way that I can help push your project foward, get my help during class today
  • If your main job is documentation, make sure you’re saving pictures, thinking about your overall “story”, and so on. But at the same time, during this non-documentation week you should work on other things with your team. Remember that you all have leadership roles on your team, but at the same time everyone on the team should always be contributing to lots of areas of the project. Sometimes you’ll have to work outside of your main leadership roles because of what’s available to do and what needs the most work.

For Next Time

  • One more time, no blog post; just work on making progress 🙂