Mon 3/19 – Assessment

After that big progress push, this week we’ll use class time to check in, practice presenting, discuss sharing with the 3D community, and think about outcomes. You should keep making project progress by meeting and working outside of class.


  • Take 5 minutes to discuss with your group what you want to present and how
  • Each group come up to the front and talk about their progress so far
  • Feel free to use the computer and the projector to show the current state of your work
  • Get students from other groups to ask at least two questions
  • If you have questions or need help, be sure to ask for it now


  • This is an “independent research project” class, and some of our main goals are for you to create something new and relevant on your own, push yourself to do new things, and work on documentation and presentations of your work. My favorite use of class time is to give all of the groups a chance to work while I can be on hand to help move things forward.
  • However, this is also a critical thinking class. There are certain objectives that the JMU GenEd group would like you to work towards. Today you’ll spend some time thinking about those objectives and how you can best steer your progress to match some of those goals.
  • Take a look at the JMU Integrative Critical Thinking Rubric and discuss with your group where you think you are in each of the four categories.
  • Then create a Google Doc for your group with the following information for each of the four objectives, and share it witih me before the end of class:
    • Objective name: _________
      • Our group is currently at level ____ for this objective
      • Paragraph describing evidence that you are at that level, both in terms of your project and by pointing to specific things in your documentation/blog posts that support that level of acheivement
      • Sentence or two about how you can improve in this category before the end of the semester
  • Please note that on this assignment you will NOT be graded on what level you are on for each objective. You WILL be graded on your self-assessment writeup and how you document/evidence your stated levels.

For Next Time

Write a blog post that documents your progress push from the last couple of weeks; see the Assignments page for details.