Customizable Ring

February 12, 2019 BSeto

Initial Design Idea We are designing a twisted ring.  It will be customizable in both the ring size as well as how many twists the ring will have.  We both wear a lot of rings and thought it would be really cool to be able […]

Potted Succulent

January 15, 2019 BSeto

Initial Design Idea Group Members: Becca Sullivan and Brittany Seto 3D Model idea: We are planning on designing a two piece model: the plant which will sit in the pot.  We thought it would be interesting to play with the juxtaposition within content and material. […]

Brittany Seto Portfolio

January 9, 2019 BSeto

Hello Hi, my name is Brittany.  I was born in New York City but moved to Livingston, NJ just after 9/11.  I’m a senior here at JMU (I’m not ready to leave yet), majoring in Finance.  After graduation, I’ll be moving back to NYC to […]