Mon 1/29 – First Reports


If you have prints to send, do that now…

Group Reports

  • Review the Assignment
  • Each group come up and we’ll hear what you’ve been working on this week
  • Show your Google Doc as a report on your progress
  • Get feedback from the class as to next steps (add to your Google Doc)

WordPress access and overview

  • Quick overview of how to use WordPress: posts, featured images, section headers, categories, etc
  • Each group will need a WordPress account; one per group, but everyone in the group should have the password and be able to access and edit posts (only one person can work on a post at a time)
  • Each group give me one contact name and email, a project name, a one-word group name, and a password, and I will set up your accounts

Group Meetings and Next Steps

  • Each group meet and discuss what you will do between now and Wednesday
  • I’ll come around to each group and make suggestions about what you might need to do first
  • Then… do stuff…

For Next Time

  • Work together as a group to create a first blog post, and aslo to make progress on your progress over the next couple of days. See the Assignments page for details.