Wed 1/24 – PItches continued

Print new Tinkercad models

Everyone send their new Tinkerca prints to the printer. Also, show off your prints from last time!

Finish up Pitches

We have a few more pitches to hear before we start forming groups… also here is a cool map to look at (snowfall as height!):

Take a Corner

The class needs to split into four groups of four for these projects. Some of you have similar project ideas; try to get together. You may not have agreement about what exactly you’ll do yet, but try to get into groups of four anyway. Stand up. Walk around and negotiate. Chaos.

First Group Meeting

  • Exchange contact information and get to know each other.
  • Start a Google Doc for your project and share with editing privilages with everyone in the group.
  • Start thinking about what roles you want to play in your group, what your team name is, and other stuff like that.
  • Also share access and editing privilage for your Google Doc with me, at
  • Talk about next steps. Try to figure out which pitch you’d like to pursue, or how to combine your ideas.

For Next Time

Work together as a group to combine or modify your individual pitches to make one pitch for the group. See the Assignments page for details.


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