Mon 1/8 – Getting Started

Hello and welcome to this crazy new class!

  • Roll and introductions
  • What this class is about
  • Goals and structure of class, website, etc…
  • Formal policies to be developed later, somewhat cooperatively
  • Discussion: What makes data/charts/graphs relevant? Interesting? Intuitive? Or, what makes a graph bad, and why? How might a third dimension add nontrivial meaning and relevance to data/charts/graphs? Image to consider: 2017 Northam/Gillespie map

Here is a brief look forward to the next week or two:

  • Today – discussions and a 3D printing demo that may or may not work, intro to Tinkercad, followed by a 3D design assignment
  • Wednesday – I’m out a conference, you have about an hour of videos to watch about data and various topics, followed by a writing assignment
  • Next Monday – MLK day
  • Next Wednesday – Hand in your written assignments, print your Tinkercad assignments, discuss the videos and next steps.

3D printing demo time!


  • You have one writing assignment and one design assignment, both of which require a significant time investment. Both are due and will be checked on Wednesday 1/15. See the Assignments page for details.
  • So… don’t wait until next week, get started now and take advantage of the time you have!


// Cover image from NovaNext