Rob Condas

Hi Friends! My name is Rob Condas, and I’m a junior theatre major. I dunno how many of you guys watch JMU shows but I was in “Picnic” and “Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play” pretty recently. Not to start plugging shows before we’ve even met, but this semester I’m in “School for Scandal” and I think y’all would love it! I’m from Herndon VA and pretty much spend all my time on theatre and improv. I’m also on both improv teams at JMU! I’m pretty social but I do love watching Star Trek at 2am and marathoning Lord of the Rings when the mood strikes (and oh boy does it strike). If you like sci-fi and fantasy let’s chat because we’re pretty much already friends.

This is professional me

This is unprofessional me

Let’s be buds