September 7, 2017 Sophie Rooks

Hey Guys! I’m Sophie Rooks!   I am from Arlington, VA and Charlottesville, VA depending on the season of life. I am a sophomore majoring in Mathematics and I’m very involved in a club called RUF. I enjoy cooking, hiking, and pretty much anything else! […]

Allow me to introduce myself…

September 7, 2017 Abby Tebbenhoff

  Hello! My name is Abby Tebbenhoff. I am a junior Marketing major from Ashburn, Virginia. I am the 3rd of 4 siblings and I have a brother and sister-in-law. I am a member of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity, Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority, […]


September 7, 2017 Courtney Leipertz

Hi!  My name is Courtney Leipertz and I am a senior voice education major.  This is my last semester on JMU’s campus, because I will be student teaching in the Spring.  I am super excited for the next few months and I hope that I […]


September 7, 2017 Katia Zillic

Hey Everyone, My name is Katia Zillic. I am a Junior (yikes, already?) Health Services Administration Major with a General Business Minor. I am from Manassas, Virginia, aka NoVa. I have little (no) experience with 3D printing, but am excited to learn about it and […]


September 7, 2017 NiclasM

Hello! My name is Niclas, I’m 21 years old and originally come from Frankfurt, Germany.   I’m on the Men’s Soccer Varsity Team. I’m majoring in Marketing; I’m a Sophomore and usually get called Niclas; but Nick works with me, too! To be honest, I […]


September 6, 2017 Stephanie Serage

Hello I’m Stephanie Serage, artist, writer, and jokester extraordinare! I’m Taking 16 credit hours and working a job this semester so I hope that 3D printing will be a nice escape from the realities of my day to day. I have several stories for comics […]


September 6, 2017 Alexa Aggen

Hello there! My name is Alexa Aggen but you can call me Lexi! I’m a junior SMAD major. I hail from the great land of NOVA.  I took last semester off for an internship in Australia so if you ask me where any of the […]


September 6, 2017 Daric Clarke

Hello! My name is Daric Clarke and I am currently a sophomore student at JMU. I am from Goochland, Virginia, which is about 25 minutes from the Richmond area, and a SMAD major with a communications minor. In the future I hope to work in […]


September 5, 2017 Kevin Hagan

Hello! My name is Kevin Hagan and i’m currently a Senior majoring in Hospitality Management with a minor in Business. Im from Clifton Virginia and I graduated high school from Paul VI. In my free time I enjoy playing guitar and am currently a part of […]


September 5, 2017 Kate Penney

Hi there! My name is Kate. I am a senior Computer Science major, Asian Studies minor from the Harrisonburg area. I spend a lot of my free time during the semester working as a lab assistant, where I help students with their programming assignments and […]

Hello: Kyle Sandhoff

September 5, 2017 Kyle Sandhoff

Hello everyone! I’m Kyle, and I’m a math and SMAD double major. I am super excited to take 3-D printing this year and can’t wait to start making fun little things, because apparently there just isn’t enough stuff crowding my shelves these days. I’m really […]

Hello guys!

September 4, 2017 Manuel Ferriol Martinez

Hello my name is Manuel Ferriol Martinez and I was born in Valencia,Spain. I’m 19 years old and this is my second year at JMU. I also play for the university soccer team as a midfielder. I havent decided my major yet, but I am […]

Hello There

September 4, 2017 Sophia DeLucca

Hello There! First and foremost, my name is Sophia Deklyn DeLucca but the majority of people I encounter call me Sophie. I am 18 years old, a sophomore, and a communications studies major. A little bit more about me, I am from the Jersey Shore, […]


September 4, 2017 Imana Casero

Hello I´m Fernando Casero and I´m a student in the 3D Printing Class. I´m 20 years old and I´m originally from Zaragoza, Spain. I´m doing a double major in Economics and Finance. I´m a sophomore and I´m usually called Joe or Nando. I haven´t had […]

Hello: Aaron Acosta

September 4, 2017 Aaron Acosta

Hey everyone! My name is Aaron Acosta and I am from Northvale, New Jersey, which is about 15 minutes from the George Washington Bridge. I am a junior Management major with a concentration in Business Analytics and Consulting in the College of Business and I […]

Hello, my name is…

September 4, 2017 Dyer Pace

Hello! My name is Dyer Pace and I am a Junior Communication Studies major from Martinsville, Virginia. I graduated from a small private school in southwest Virginia that I attended for 15 years, preschool through senior year. However, I absolutely love JMU! I am able […]

My name is David Bogaev

September 4, 2017 David Bogaev

Hello! My name is David Bogaev and I am a student in this class. I prefer to be called David, but if you wish you may call me Dave or Bogaev (pronounced Bo-gave). I heard about this class through a friend of mine and was […]

My Name is Emily Vaught

September 4, 2017 Emily Vaught

Hi Everyone! My name is Emily and I am a senior here at JMU. I am a psychology major and a triple minor in General Music, Music and Human Services, and Family Studies. I plan to become a Clinical Psychologist and work with children. I […]

Hello: Michelle Chun

September 4, 2017 Michelle Chun

Hi – I’m Michelle Chun but most people call me Mich. I’m a sophomore undeclared major and an art minor. This week has been pretty hectic because I’ve decided to switch from applying to Architectural Design to Studio Art. They’re both under SADAH (School of […]

Rob Condas

September 4, 2017 Rob Condas

Hi Friends! My name is Rob Condas, and I’m a junior theatre major. I dunno how many of you guys watch JMU shows but I was in “Picnic” and “Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play” pretty recently. Not to start plugging shows before we’ve even met, […]


September 3, 2017 AllisonEJ

Hi! I’m Allison E. Jaggers.    I’m a junior Graphic Design major, which actually falls in the School of Art, Desing, and Art History, and is pretty different from SMAD. So art basically eats up a lot of my life, but I can never be […]

Hello: Allie Sure

September 3, 2017 Allie Sure

Hello! My name is Anaelle Sure but I go by Allie! I am a junior Marketing major. I come from France to pursue an education in the United States. I am glad JMU gives us the opportunity to try 3D printing and I did not want […]


September 1, 2017 Gwen Han

Hello, my name is Gwen Han and I’m a Junior Hospitality Major. I love listening to music, especially EDM. Cats are my life, I have a cat named Biskit (not pictured). You can either find me watching Netflix, at a rave, hanging out, sleeping, at […]


September 1, 2017 Noah Galbreath

My name is Noah Galbreath and I’m a sophomore psychology major. I took this class mainly as a fun way to fulfill my general education lab requirement but also as a fun way to get introduced to 3D printing and hopefully learn some things about […]


September 1, 2017 Stephanie Scotto

Hi! My name is Stephanie Scotto and I am junior psychology major with a minor in human resources. My hometown is a bit up north in Leesburg, Virginia. During my free time, I enjoy listening to music, hiking, fishing, and skateboarding. I really like to […]


September 1, 2017 Eli

Hello! My name is J. Elias Dove and I prefer to go by Eli. I am a sophomore here at JMU and I am a Political Science major. I am currently planning to pursue law school after graduation, although I haven’t thought much about where. Growing up […]


September 1, 2017 Emily Barrett

Hi there! My name is Emily Barrett and I am a Junior in Industrial Design. I am so excited that I can take it as my lab requirement because 3D printing is a huge part of what I do in my major. I do have […]


September 1, 2017 Austin Purritano

Hello my name is Austin Purritano and most of my friends just call me by my first name, Austin I am from Ridgewood, NJ and I am a senior at JMU. I will be graduating at the end of this year with a degree in […]


September 1, 2017 TJ Bush

Hello! My name is William Bush, but my friends and family call me TJ! I am currently enrolled as a sophomore student at JMU, and I am a Business Management Major. I am also a proud member of the Men’s Soccer family here at JMU, […]


August 31, 2017 Joe Ferguson

Hello, my name is Joe Ferguson and I am sophomore at JMU. I am a member of Air Force ROTC and currently serve as the Deputy Commander for Arnold Air Society. I am also an RA in Chesapeake Hall. In my spare time I love […]


August 31, 2017 Aaron Ward-Baptiste

Hello! My name is Aaron Ward-Baptiste. I’m 21 years old and come from Corsham, England. I’m a Junior and I am majoring in Business Management. I’m on the JMU Men’s Soccer team and I play striker. I have no experience with 3D-Printing as of yet, […]

Hello example – Laura/mathgrrl

August 21, 2017 mathgrrl

Hello! My name is Laura Taalman and I’m the instructor for this class. In real life you can call me “Laura” or “Dr. Taalman” or “Professor Taalman”, but in most 3D printing communities online I’m known as “mathgrrl”. Here’s where you can find me online: […]