Exploring Tinkercad


Fifty Forms

Forms 1,2,3

This is supposed to be the north pole. I used the spring shape and used colts to intertwine them to give it a twisted feature.

Froms, 4,5,6,7,8,9,10

I downloaded a reindeer and sleigh from thiniverse, and then connected them to the small house I made angling them landing on a rooftop. Then I used the egg and chick feet feature to make a hatching egg along with cutting out a base for the egg to sit in.

Forms, 11,12,13

This is what started as my snow globe turned into a geometric shape holder. I inserted a circle into the cutout geometric space. I cut out a large ball to cut out a thin bowl in order to hold the shape.

Forms, 14,15,16,17

I played with text in these forms showing how to shape the text around an object. I made a small planter for my friend Haley and was able to make the text thick then cut it to shape to the planter.

Forms, 18,19,20,21,22,23

I wanted to work on cutting out more shapes here to get them symmetrical. I was also inspired by the mountains here and used a lot of copying and pasting, as well as playing with colors ungrouping shapes.


This was inspired by my grandmothers garden, full equipped with a bug zapper! I was able to cut and put shapes together to make these different forms. I made the mountainous landscape by shaping down a premed form.


I used slot of cutting to make all these shapes! Phases of the moon and planets! I wanted to work on making multiple shapes into one here.


Finally I wanted to make a few parts of a city. I used copy and pate and the ruler to make a lot of these shapes as well as cutting and grouping and ungrouping!