Cat Ring


After trying a couple different stamp designs in Meshmixer, I decided I was not satisfied with how it looked, so I went online for inspiration for other rings that might be easier. I wanted to try to make a ring with cat ears like below in Fusion.

Drafting Process

After making my base ring, I had trouble creating the rounded ears in Fusion. I went to TinkerCad to make a cat ear shape that I could import as an STL file into my design.

I decided to use Meshmixer for this part since managing multiple ‘finished’ STL files was much easier. I imported two copies of the ear and used the translate and rotate options to align them on top of the ring.

I remeshed the back of the ears to add a fur-like texture, but due to the small size of the ears, this texture didn’t show up during the test prints. Once I printed, I decided that I wanted the ears a bit larger.

This was pretty easy to do while preserving the previous rotation and translations using scale transformations in Meshmixer. Once I finished arranging the ears, I merge the ring and two ears together as one object.

I preferred the larger ears on the ring in the end. Below is a side-by-side comparison.

Shapeways Order

I ordered my ring in the white strong & flexible polished plastic, and its expected arrival is Monday, November 20th!

When the ring arrived, I couldn’t help but use a pink marker to fill in the grooves of the inner ears on the ring. I really loved the finished product!