How Many Things Can I Make in Tinkercad

Fifty Forms-Aaron Acosta

This week we were assigned to create 50 forms/ figures using Tinkercad. 

For forms 1-6, I kept it pretty simple. I used 6 different shapes from the basic shapes category, and I modifided them using their different settings. I  changed things such as number of sides, bevel, color etc.

After that for my 7th form I found a bunch of letters under the texts category and picked out the letters of my name. I then used the ruler to assemble my letters neatly and made them all the same depth so that they will stack evenly. The ruler really helped me herein getting the A’s on top of the other letters because I was just able to adjust the gap height between the letter and the work plane.

For forms 8-13 I went to the Community Shape Generator tab and found a PolyCup (blue shape all the way to the right) and a Flattened Cylinder (yellow shape all the way to the right), and began to tinker with these shapes as well. I messed with some fo the settings again, when I stumbled across something pretty cool. These unique shapes were actually based off of just general shapes in the basic shape category. They just have a couple of more settings that you cna tinker around with. For example. The Flattened Cylinder is actually just a cone as you can see. I found this part pretty cool because you cna modify these shapes so much.


For forms 14-22, I wanted to see what I can create with just the basic shapes. I made a couple of different things like an ice cream cone, and then I worked on fitting triangles to a Hexagon. After I fit the triangles I grouped them together so that they are all attached in one solid figure. I was then inspired to create this pencil. I created all of the parts individually and then moved, flipped and rotated them individually to get the finished product. The hardest part in this whole design was trying to get the pencil to make a hole in the cylinder. I had to keep manipulating the dimensions of the text, while at the same time adjust the angle of the text. After a couple of attemps, I was finally able to get it to work. The one thing I wish I could have done here was group everything together, but if I did that I would not be able to keep all the individual colors.

After the pencil, for forms 23-26 I took my shot at trying to create the evolution of the chicken. I started with the egg and slowly progressed to the finished product the chicken. I just used the extra/ basic shape category to create this. I like this one a lot because you can look at it from left to right or right to left, because what came first the chicken or the egg?

Recently, I have been thinking of getting another tattoo, and have been shuffling through some designs. I want to to something like a where I came from tribute. I came up with this idea for form 27  using the US States function, and just some letters for my last name. I chose New Jersey where I am from, and put the letters on top of the state. I like the design, but i might want to stagger the letters a little different next time because it looks to stiff just sitting in a straight line.

I stepped back into the community tab for forms 28-34. I messed around and found the customizable house. This shape was cool because you can manipulate not only the length, width and height, but you can also change the amount of floors in the house and the size of the patio. I then messed around with some steps and spirals, changing the amount of coils and their thickness and space between their gaps. Finally, I found this sphere looking shape called luna and wrapped text around it that says “Around the World”. To me it kind of looks like the globe. I increased the radius of the text at first ignored to fit the sphere around it I then tightened it up and rose the text to make it look like it was floating around the world.

I then went on to make forms 35-39. For these forms I wanted to paint a scene, so I chose the outdoors. With this set of forms I really wanted to try and use holes. So i made a tent, chairs and a picnic table all using basic shapes such as pyramids, rectangles and cylinders, I then took cubes and pyramids, changed their sizes and cut holes in the shape. I also topped off the scene with a tree and a umbrella.

Here is where I started looking into importing certain files. For forms 40-48 imported stl files. The train and the tracks I found searching Thingiverse. Their were so many cool things on their but I chose these to things to practice importing into Tinkercad. It was pretty easy all you had to do was download the files and then click import and the rest was self explanatory. I did have to scale down the models because they were way to big to fit together. I then took a 2d png image I found on google of a football and converted it using an online converter into an still file. I took the file and got it into Tinkered. I then used a various amount of basic shapes to build a football field around the logo.

For grand ole forms 49-50, I had to create some bling for the Football team’s National Championship. It does not look anything like the ones that we got last year, but it was cool none the less. I found the diamond shape and changed the amount of sides and adjusted the size. I then added it to a beveled ring that I rotated.