Swoosh Ring

I created my ring using Fushion 360. It took me a while to figure out what kind of ring I wanted. After a while, I decided that It would be easier to just keep my design simple. I decided to put a smaller ring that would […]

How Many Things Can I Make in Tinkercad

September 12, 2017 Aaron Acosta

This week we were assigned to create 50 forms/ figures using Tinkercad.¬† For forms 1-6, I kept it pretty simple. I used 6 different shapes from the basic shapes category, and I modifided them using their different settings. I ¬†changed things such as number of […]

Hello: Aaron Acosta

September 4, 2017 Aaron Acosta

Hey everyone! My name is Aaron Acosta and I am from Northvale, New Jersey, which is about 15 minutes from the George Washington Bridge. I am a junior Management major with a concentration in Business Analytics and Consulting in the College of Business and I […]