Crown Ring

I used the template ring that we had been instructed on how to make through the power point. I was happy with the way the ring looked, so i didn’t want to alter the actual shape of the ring, i.e., the way the ring curved […]

Fifty Forms

September 12, 2017 Aaron Ward-Baptiste

For this weeks assignment we were asked to explore Tinkercad, and become more comfortable with the program by creating 50 different designs. In doing this I found some cool ways to manipulate the software and get the design I wanted. While I am still learning […]


August 31, 2017 Aaron Ward-Baptiste

Hello! My name is Aaron Ward-Baptiste. I’m 21 years old and come from Corsham, England. I’m a Junior and I am majoring in Business Management. I’m on the JMU Men’s Soccer team and I play striker. I have no experience with 3D-Printing as of yet, […]