Thurs Nov 9 – Surface Area

November 9, 2017 mathgrrl

First: Print some grids Create, export, slice, and print grids for Level 2 and Level 3 using the file gridlines.scad in the 3SPACE SHARE folder Second: Quizzes Print check:  Each person should have at least one print of their Fractal Carpet at the start of […]

Bird Fractal

November 9, 2017 Jiahao Guo

I named my fractal the bird Fractal because I think the removed squares resemble little tiny bird. To create this , I removed (0,0), (1,1), (3,1), (1,3), and (3,3). The surface area for level one is 11 because we started out with 16 pieces total, and I removed 5 pieces. The area for level two […]

Tues Nov 7 – OpenSCAD fractals

November 7, 2017 mathgrrl

// Roundup // By this point you should be completely done with your Open Project and everything about its documentation and blog post. We’re now moving on to an invididual project where each student must make their own design. Ech of you should have already […]

Tues Oct 31 – Presentations Continue

October 31, 2017 mathgrrl

Class will start with a brief quiz on the infinite geometric series calculations you did for homework. Then, on to more excellent presentations! Homework for next time: Thingiverse and Tinkercad (or other design software) links to your projects. See the Assignments page.

Tues Oct 24 – Open Project Checklist

October 24, 2017 mathgrrl

Time to wrap up the Open Projects! Here is a checklist for you to follow so that you can make sure you have all the right elements in your blog post and your presentation. Organization Does your post have the correct organization by sections? See […]

Thurs Oct 19 – Math Stories

October 19, 2017 mathgrrl

As you work on your projects today, focus on this: What’s your math story? Remember that “math” doesn’t necessarily mean an equation or a calculation; it might be a description of the geometric properties of a mathematical object, why or how it is studied, what […]

Tues Oct 17 – Open Projects Continue

October 17, 2017 mathgrrl

So… our current plan is to work today, be ready to start sending final prints and doing final edits on Thursday, and then begin presentations in one week, on Tuesday. QUESTION: How are you doing? Will starting presentations on Tuesday be okay, or would you […]

Thurs Oct 12 – Print, Math, Write

October 12, 2017 mathgrrl

// Print Stuff // Drafts: If you have something to print for your Open Project, obviously do that before anything else. Reprints: Some of you had First Fractals that were messed up a bit by rafts, or could have been printed larger to look better. […]

Tues Oct 10 – Continue Open Projects

October 10, 2017 mathgrrl

// Roundup // Has everyone completed their group ratings for the previous project? // Today // Every group tell me their progress since the last class (should be in your “First Steps” section) Continue working on your Open Projects and asking about the mathematical parts […]

Hinged Dissections

October 5, 2017 Maddy B

For our project we will be exploring the rhombic dodecahedron which is a 3D shape that is made when you turn a 3D cube inside out.  Our method for printing this will be printing out 6 pyramids of the same dimension and taping them together so that we can form both […]

Prince Rupert’s Cube

October 5, 2017 Taylor Zabinsky

Our project idea is to make a Prince Rupert’s Cube. The Prince Rupert problem was proposed by Prince Rupert of the Rhine, Prince Rupert’s cube is the largest cube that can pass through a hole cut through another cube without splitting the cube into two pieces. This proposition was […]

Thurs Oct 5 – Begin Open Projects

October 5, 2017 mathgrrl

Not much to say today except “let’s go!” Ground rules for the Open Projects Your goal is to find something to design and 3D print, and then talk about the math related to that object. You must design the object from scratch in Tinkercad or […]

Mathematically Fair Cake Cutting

October 5, 2017 Dillon Call

My group members and I originally wanted to look into Chapter 4 of Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension by: Matt Parker. However, we decided to switch and do our project on cutting a cube to be equal in volume no matter how many slices it is cut into. If 5 people […]


October 4, 2017 Haleigh Sink

The chapter we chose for our project was chapter 9, which is all about graphs. For our project, we chose to do a 3D print of a Rhombicuboctahedron. We believed it would be easy to print because it is made up of triangles and squares. We would like to learn coding to make a wire frame […]

Borromean rings

October 3, 2017 Jenna Jordan

Our project idea is to create a print of elliptical Borromean rings from chapter 8 of our book. Borromean rings often contain three rings, but can contain up to four or five. We are going to start out with a three ring print because it is the most simple way to make Borromean rings, then […]

Meissner Tetrahedron

October 3, 2017 Hunter Simmons

Our initial project idea is to create a Meissner tetrahedron. It involves taking a regular triangular tetrahedron, but then rounding all the parts to a precise point creates the Meissner Tetrahedron. What is really cool about this is that, although it is not like a circle containing zero edges […]

Trefoil Knots

October 3, 2017 Ni Trisadhani

Our group will be making the Trefoil Knot which is one of the prime knots based on chapter 8 of Things to Make And Do In The Fourth Dimension. We were very interested in this particular knot because it looks different with each kind of projection and there are many ways that we can […]

Tues Oct 3 – Open Project Pitches

October 3, 2017 mathgrrl

For the last week you’ve been thinking about what you might want to investigate from the Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension book. Time for pitches and forming groups! // Ground rules // You must have different group members than last time […]

The Pizza Problem

October 3, 2017 Sam Janssen

For our open project idea, we decided to experiment with the relationships of the “perfect pizza slice” with its self and with the pizza as a whole as a solution to the pizza problem. The goal of the pizza problem is to find how to cut a pizza into same shaped slices that don’t all touch the middle […]

Tues Sept 26 – Presentations & Math

September 26, 2017 mathgrrl

// Roundup // According to the Assignments page, by today’s class your Tinkercad Fractal post should be completed, with all formatting and content in line with the assignment guidelines. This week we’ll have final presentations for this project, and work on shoring up the math […]

Thurs Sept 21 – Fractal dimension

September 21, 2017 mathgrrl

Today we’ll work on finishing up the math for your blog posts; here’s the rundown: Quick reading quiz Help with length/area/volume calculations and fractal post (see my comments) Fractal dimension with the 3Blue1Brown fractal dimension video We’ll review some of what we watched last time (starting […]

Tues Sept 19 – Iterate, Calculate

September 19, 2017 mathgrrl

// Roundup // According to the Assignments page, by today’s class you should have fixed any issues with your Tinkercad Fractal blog post, and added a new section documenting your first draft 3D print. // Today in class // If you have prints to send […]

Firework Fractal

For our first design, we wanted to go with something that was simple to create but flexible to expand on. As of now, our design is made up of different sized shape of gears. We started off with the center gear being 60×60 and then […]

Whirly Cross Fractal

September 14, 2017 Grant Folsom

The repetition is by half the dimensions of the previous base. (Ex: Base 3 is half the length, width, and height of Base 2). Each increased base is then halted and so on. This makes it a fractal because it is a duplicate and a scaled […]

Thurs Sept 14 – Is it fractal?

September 14, 2017 mathgrrl

Today we’ll continue with the Tinkercad Fractals project, and iterate on your first draft designs. If your designs are well-defined fractals then you’ll print them in class; if not then you’ll redo them and print after class. Discuss the following with your group members: Is […]

Super Mickey Fractal

September 13, 2017 Katy Wagner

For our first design, our group wanted to do something simple but interesting. At first, we weren’t sure what to create so we got some inspiration by looking up some random and funny things on google. We ended up finding an image that had a bunch of smiley faces which […]

Mandala Fractal

September 13, 2017 Ni Trisadhani

For our very first design, we were inspired by some mandala pictures that we found, and they resembled fractals because a mandala is just several levels of rings with different self-similar designs in each ring. We wanted to construct it in a way that it would look original […]

Sunflower Fractal

September 13, 2017 Michael Conway

After studying fractals in class for the past few weeks, our group decided to try to make our own. In making our fractal we decided to go for a sunflower type shape with a hollow center, where the image repeats by halving its size […]

Fruit Loops Fractal

We created a circular fractal for this assignment. None of us had ever seen anything like this, so we thought it would be perfect to experiment with and present to the class. This design is a fractal because it is simply a repeating […]

Tues Sept 12 – Tinkercad Fractals

September 12, 2017 mathgrrl

// Roundup // According to the Assignments page, by this morning you should have read the first part of the Fractals book and added a section to your First Fractals blog post about your printed fractal. The few of you who have not yet printed […]

Tinkercad Fractal example post

September 12, 2017 mathgrrl

We decided to make a simple Minecraft Creeper fractal for the purposes of this example post, but you should try to think outside the box and consider many different ways of generating a fractal to come up with your own unique design. Your assignment is to create a new fractal […]

Thurs Sept 7 – Still Printing Fractals

September 7, 2017 mathgrrl

Today in class we’ll continue where we left off on Tuesday, which means that we’ll be 3D printing the remaining First Fractals and discussing the corresponding blog post writeups. Maybe if we have time we’ll watch this video to get a quick overview of how the […]

Koch Snowflake

September 6, 2017 Nathan Glass

The first fractal I want to print is the Koch Snowflake. According to Wikipedia, the Koch Snowflake is a mathematical curve and one of the earliest fractal curves to have been described. It is based on the Koch Curve which appeared in a 1904 paper titled […]

Sierpinski Carpet

September 5, 2017 Michael Mathis

For my first fractal, I would love to try printing a Sierpinski Carpet. Not only am I beginner on the front of 3D printing, but I am also very fascinated by minimalist design. Illustrative Mathematics states that this is a fractal whose area is zero, […]

Tues Sept 5 – Printing Fractals

September 5, 2017 mathgrrl

// Roundup // According to the Assignments list, by class time today you should all be done with your Hello and First Fractal blog posts. Last week we talked about the Dragon Curve; if you missed any of that discussion then read last week’s Timeline posts […]

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